Family Budget Sheet

Click here to download our free family budget sheet

If step one in organizing your monthly bills is to gather them up in one place via a dedicated "Bills Only" email service then step two is to know exactly how much your monthly bills actually are.

There are several ways to organize, categorize, and determine exactly how much your monthly bills total each month. One of the simpler methods is log on to your online bank and then download the monthly expenses into your Microsoft Money, Peachtree Accounting, Sage 50, Quicken, Simply Accounting, or Quickbooks accounting software programs.

What about all of the people that don't want or don't have an expensive home accounting software program to organize and categorize their monthly bill expenditures? has created a simply family budget sheet in a Microsoft excel family budget spreadsheet. This sheet will help you:

  • Organize your monthly bills

  • Calculate monthly total bill expenses automatically

  • Calculate yearly total bill expenses automatically

  • Calculate average yearly expenses automatically

  • Next year simply save this as " 2013 Family Budget Sheet ." To start all over again next year save it again as 2014, etc....

The basic family budget sheet features:

family budget sheet features

family budget sheet totals tabs

Click here to download our family budget sheet.

To use the family budget sheet click the link above on your personal computer you have to save it. When the file download box comes up hit the "save" button. It is going to ask you where to save it. My advice is to put it somewhere you can find it easily like your desktop.

Save the family budget sheet to your hard drive

Once the family budget sheet is saved, open it and it is ready to use.


Some new additions and deletions to our Family Budget Sheet.

1) We deleted the filter buttons and replaced them with WEEKLY average per category and DAILY average per category.

Family budget sheet with new Monthly and Daily AVERAGES


2) We took away the old Averages Tab and put the averages on the Totals Tab

The worksheet now has the ability to calculate the exact average by entering the number of months that have passed

3) We made the worksheet a little more forgiving by locking down the cells that we don't need to accidentally type over.

We password protected the cells to help with accidental entries

We hope you like the changes keep the ideas coming by sending an email to


How To video on our family

budget sheet

Bill calculator, family budget spreadsheet pic 2

Expense calculator sheet for family budgets pic 3

Calculate monthly bills with this family budget sheet pic 4