The 1st Step - How to get your monthly bills organized

If you are like me you probably receive around 50 to 75 pieces of mail from the post office every month. Most of this mail is junk. However, within those 75 pieces of mail are the envelopes that you are looking for – your bills.

It used to be simple…

Back-in-the-day you got letters from loved ones and monthly bills from your vendors. Every once in a while you would get a catalogue from Sears or JC Penney’s. Maybe you got 10 pieces of mail of month, 5 letters and 5 monthly bills. At Christmas you got the catalogues.

Today your first stop with the mail is the trash can. The daily objective is to go through the mail quickly, throw out the advertisements (except Pizza Hut, I keep those) and hunt for the monthly bills.

My wife doesn’t even make that first stop at the trash can. She collects all of the mail and drops it on my desk. Twice a month I have a chore, which is to go through all of that crap (mail). On top of that I now shred all offers with my name and address on them. It really is a chore, more like a pain in my…

Not to mention the whole chore revolves around getting the bills organized. This is step #1 to monthly bill organization – Throw away everything except the bills.

You need a new step one to monthly bill organization and here’s the simple answer.

Your vendors be it the mortgage company, gas company, credit card company, or your car loan wants you to do something really badly. They want you to stop using the US Postal Service for your incoming bills.

Your vendors are not trying to save the environment they are trying to save the postage, and the printing, and the handling of the monthly bill. It probably costs somewhere near $1 per bill to actually send out and handle the payment.

You should take them up on it! But don’t just forward the monthly bills to your current Gmail or Yahoo email account. If you do you bills will again be lost in the arriving junk mail.

I bet if you get 75 pieces of snail mail a month you get 200 incoming junk mail solicitations in your email each month. That number is growing.

You need to create a new, clean, secret email account that is used for just your incoming monthly bills.

It needs to be simple, free of junk mail, free of friends, free of everything except monthly bills.

If you do that, create one simple email account just for your monthly bills you will be instantly organized.

You’re reading this post from exactly that type of service. is just that… a place to organize your incoming monthly bills.

Step one to monthly bill organization:

Receive all of your incoming bills at one location, one email address that has JUST BILLS nothing else. Keep your email address a secret don’t give it out to ANYONE but your vendors.

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