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Featured Article: How to keep track of money.

Getting your family's monthly bills organized and paid is a chore that everyone in America goes through month after month. Ultimately a lot of families are also trying to budget their monthly bills as well as just paying them. The 2007 -2011 recession has hit middle income families hard. Budgeting has become a serious issue during this current recession. Middle income families just don't and can't spend money like they used to.

How to keep track of money is one of the very first steps that need to be taken click here for more.

Featured Article: Reduce your monthly bills with this one easy step

It's January which means it's that time of year to start thinking about ways to save money. I'm so obsessive about expenses that I have already had my wife download the our yearly expenses into Quicken and had her categorize them into monthly bills. If you don't have Quicken or any other commonly used software program my advice (i.e.: if you are obsessive like me..) is to download our free monthly bill spreadsheet calculator. You can find it by clicking here.

As usual all of my yearly expense average about what they did last year. I do have a few that are out of whack.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Featured Article: Step #1 - How to get your monthly bills organized

If you are like me you probably receive around 50 to 75 pieces of mail from the post office every month. Most of this mail is junk. However, within those 75 pieces of mail are the envelopes that you are looking for – your bills.

It used to be simple… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Featured Article: The 2nd step to getting your monthly bills organized:

If step #1 is to get all of your monthly bills in one location what is the 2nd step?

Overwhelming isn’t it? You have finally found a method to gather your monthly bills in one location, at least for this month, and the pile… it just looks overwhelming.

If you are using the snail mail method of gathering your monthly bills then you probably had to dig through a pile about 5 inches thick of junk mail just to get to your bills that are due...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Helpful Hint: If you use your bank to pay the bills online make sure you delete unused bill pay locations.

Answer: If you are like me you pay as many bills as possible online. But after years of having the same bank account and years of collecting "bill to" locations I have a bunch that look like duplicates. I actually tried to pay my mortgage the other day by applying the payment to an old credit card account. Both were through Chase Bank and one sat under the other one. I hadn't used the credit card account in years so I just deleted it to keep the same mistake from happening again. Then I deleted all the unused accounts just to make it more organized and easier to navigate.

Helpful Hint: I find myself logging on all of the time to check to see if I have bills. Do I have OCD?

Answer: No you do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (that we know of) you are just overly organized. Here's an easy tip... Just set a reminder to check your BillsOnly account on the 15th and 30th of every month. Checking it twice a month will allow you to pay your bills on time without the OCD stigma.

Helpful Hint: What do I do when I pay off a particular credit card, I'm still receiving statements?

Answer: Do not delete them, save them in the appropriate email folder! These incoming email statements become your permanent record and allow you to go back and research what charges and payments took place. This also forces you to open your incoming email statements to make sure that no charges have been applied to your credit card.

Helpful Hint: How do you know that you have paid that bill?

Answer: There is a simple way to organize which bills have been paid and which bills have not been paid. Simply create subfolders under your "inbox" (for a "how-to" see our features page) such as "Electric," "House" or even "Paid." As soon as you pay that bill move the email from your "inbox" to the subfolder mark "Paid." If it is still in your inbox you know you need to take action.

Helpful Hint: I like the BillsOnly service but I don't check it much how can I keep from getting a late notice if I don't check it?

Answer: This is an easy one, when you set up your BillsOnly account we automatically forward all of your BillsOnly email to your current email address. If that email address is cancelled just let us know and we can forward your bills to another address. That way you never miss one. You will actually have two copies of your bills, one at your convenient email address and one at your permanent BillsOnly email address.

Permanent email address

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